About Us

SONIC ADDICTION was formed in the Spring of 2009 with the goal of playing good music and having fun. The band performs a variety of fun rock and dance tunes at numerous events including: bars, festivals, private parties, wineries, and fund raisers. Fan quotes of "You play the music you forgot you loved!”, “I love your music!” and “We travel all the way from Brentwood just to hear you play,” motivate them to continue delivering a guaranteed fun time by letting people dance and enjoy great music.

Mary Mo     Lead Vocal
Mary ‘Mary Mo’ discovered her love for singing as a 3-year-old. Growing up, she has participated in numerous choral groups, making her debut on her high school stage as Sandra Dee in “Grease”. As an adult, she played lead roles in numerous other stage productions including “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Children of Eden”, and “Nunsense”. She also helps lead music for weekly worship at Bethel Lutheran Church in Cupertino and loves fulfilling her long time desire to perform with a rock band.
Migsonic      Lead Guitar
Chris ‘MigSonic’ has been a San Francisco Bay Area musician since the late 70’s. He has been involved with several original music bands ranging from fusion rock/jazz instrumental to hard rock and contemporary Christian music. These bands have been the opening acts for Ronnie Montrose (1985 tour), BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive), Bruce Carroll and Petra. He has sold over 1000 CD’s locally in these previous bands and has played at various venues throughout the state of California.
Hollywood    Drums & Vocals
Michelle ‘Hollywood’ started playing the drums when she was eight years old after seeing Bobby Brady wailing on a drum kit in an episode of the Brady Bunch. She saw that and was hooked so she started taking lessons! She was later fortunate to meet Sheila E. What an inspiration for a young female drummer in the early 80’s to meet a professional, woman drummer in a world where most drummers were male. She was in several bands in the 1980’s and 1990’s playing at various youth conferences, retreats, bars, parties and other venues. She is an accomplished songwriter having one of her songs published in 1988. In 1989 her band had the opportunity to open for DC Talk. She was the house drummer in a local theatre and recently on the TV show, “Do the Hustle”.

Eric B    Keyboards & Vocals
Eric ‘Eric B.’ took piano lessons as a child and had an early love of live music. He played in two bands in high school that performed a variety of rock and metal songs. He drifted away from playing in college but never really lost the desire to make music. In 2012, a conversation with the worship band leader at his church rekindled his interest in performing. In October of 2012 he joined the worship band at Bethel Lutheran Church in Cupertino, CA whose members also included SA’s bass player, Chris and lead singer, Mary. In April, 2013 they asked him to audition for and subsequently join Sonic Addiction.
Jodisamus    Bass & Vocals
Jody "Jodidamus" has been playing in rock bands and stage bands since 1975.  First performing in Durango Colorado and Albuquerque New Mexico areas.  In early 1980 he relocated to the Bay Area and eventually hooked up with lead guitarist MigSonic playing original hard rock and later Christian rock with both Mig and Hollywood in the early 1990’s.  Jody has also been an active member performing Bluegrass music in the “Just Picked String Band” playing guitar, mandolin and upright bass.   He is the newest addition to Sonic Addiction.  Jody says that being back on stage with Mig and Hollywood is like returning home!